Our selection process pays particular attention to compliance once an affiliate account is approved, we work closely to ensure that all our affiliates remain inline with regional rules & regulations.
By joining the Jumpman Affiliates program you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions and therefore entering a contractual agreement to remain up to date regarding the promotion of our brands.
Jumpman Affiliates have provided a Compliance PDF document in addition to other resources which are designed to help affiliates meet their compliance obligations.

General rules and guidelines for all regions:

All forms of direct marketing such as SMS, Email & Social marketing must be approved by your account manager before going live.
All forms of advertising must promote social responsibility & responsible gambling.
Affiliates must provide Jumpman Gaming Ltd with details of anywhere marketing is conducted on behalf of Jumpman including but not limited to, URLs, landing pages, brand displays, player destinations and social media.
Affiliates must only use creative supplied by, or approved by, Jumpman Gaming Ltd.
All affiliate websites have to make it clear for a viewer, that they are not operated by Jumpman Gaming Ltd.
As per the Agreement, Affiliates may not register or purchase any domain names which are identical or similar to, or misspellings of the Brand names or trademarks. Any Affiliate who registers domain names in breach of this rule will have their Affiliate account terminated and further legal action may be taken.
Marketing cannot claim that an offer is “free”, when there are conditions attached where a consumer has to make any payment, or “risk free”, when there is a potential loss involved.

Social media rules & guidelines:

As an affiliate, you cannot promote our brand via private groups and/or private messages without express approval from your affiliate account manager.
In addition to regulatory requirements and gambling regulation, you also need to follow the advertising guidelines provided by the channel. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have their own guidelines which are mandatory to follow.
All social media marketing must be age-gated and only individuals over 18 years should be able to access this.
Required information: The minimum age to play: 18+, and contact details to a help-organisation specialising in gambling problems, should be clearly stated in the about/bio section of the profile, plus posts that feature our brands. The specific help-organisation varies depending on your target market. Please follow guidelines found in our region compliant PDF’s.

Specific Rules for streamers:

All streaming will follow Jumpman Affiliate's Advertising Guideline for All Markets and be respectful to both the Audience and Jumpman Gaming Ltd.
No display or use of alcohol or any other type of addictive substance whilst streaming and in the context of gambling.
Always consider Responsible Gambling and Social Responsibility when you stream, for example; do not use coercive or pressure tactics to encourage someone to gamble, do not encourage reckless or risk-taking gambling or use peer pressure to encourage someone to gamble more.
The streamer must clearly communicate that terms and conditions apply and all T&Cs must be displayed long enough for the viewers to read and understand, and the full terms for the offer must be found 1 click away from the post/ad.
All participants in the stream must be over 18 years old. For any stream in the UK and/or done in English, anyone taking part in the stream must be over 25+ years old.
All content must be labelled correctly and advise viewers that the content is intended for adult audiences and for the purposes of gambling.

Compliance PDF for each region

*KYC Documents Required for UK Verification and Identification

Complicance PDFs